Thursday, September 9, 2010

This Whole Blogging Thing

Firstly, I forgot to email myself my list of stuff I found today so I could post it later at home. I apologize, I was actually busy at work today, moving a crapton of things that needed to be thrown out. It's all good; I swiped myself a computer fan and a HDD (only 15gigs, though, LOL).

Now, for the srs.

1) Stay anonymous. Always turn on Private Browsing before doing your rounds.
2) If you're going to follow me, post once (and let me know if I haven't followed you yet) so I can bookmark (see #4) and follow you back.
3) When you post, don't link your page, I will find you.
4) Try to comment about the article, at least.
5) For EZMODE, save each follower you have as a bookmark, separate them into folders containing however many pages your computer can handle opening at once. Open All in Tabs and profit. I don't know how it works for you non-Firefox users.
6) Also, this.
7) And this.


  1. that's some useful information, sir. keep it up!