Saturday, September 11, 2010

Going Hiking - Haiku Stairs

Going to hike Ha'iku Stairs tomorrow. With nearly 4000 stairs, you can see why some people call it the "stairway to heaven."

I need to get up at ~4am since I live on the other side of the island and because it's actually illegal to hike there. A guard is posted to keep people out, but he starts his shift around 6:30-7ish. Even though it's illegal, the hike attracts many visitors and hikers alike. The start of the trail is located within a residential area, and being the assholes that we are, the locals have a negative view towards trespassers. Some will even resort to damaging your car should you park nearby.

Also, I've updated my post regarding these blogs. Main points: do your rounds anonymously (in Pri-vate Bro-wsing). Our overlords love to track and look for patterns in our activity. Also, you may refresh ~10 times or so before "ticking" something. However generous you're feeling that day.

Yes, that was spelled that way for a reason. Our overlords also have a filter for certain words that will raise a red flag. Watch and be aware of what you type.

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